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Whenever you cannot communicate your needs clearly, your card speaks for you.

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Resources and support for TBI survivors and caregivers

Protect yourself with a Handle with LoVe® ID card

TBI symptoms are often misdiagnosed...a Handle with LoVe® ID card alerts officials and first responders to your condition and health requirements.

A Handle with LoVe ID card protects you by preventing minor emergencies from becoming major ones!

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We can help you in your journey to creating your "new normal".

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I understand.

No two brain injuries are alike, and as a survivor, I know that is what makes it so difficult. A brain injury changes your life and you have to adapt as you face daily challenges. By teaming up with one another, together we can help each other deal with our injuries and live our best lives.

That's the reason for Handle with LoVe - to support TBI survivors and caregivers and to help us navigate and succeed in our daily lives. We are all in this together.

Greg Costa
TBI survivor and Founder of Handle with LoVe

Handle with LoVe® helps survivors of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) with products and support to help in daily life.

Our apparel is designed to raise awareness of this silent epidemic. Feel the LoVe!

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