Handle with LoVe® ID Card Benefits

Symptoms of a brain injury can easily be misdiagnosed and misunderstood, and a prompt diagnosis is critical to effective treatment. According to studies, half of all medical errors occur because of mistakes made upon admission or discharge from the hospital. 

Carrying proper ID protects you against potentially harmful medical errors.
Emergency responders are trained to look for a medical ID immediately upon assessing a patient. Your ID card alerts medical professionals of your TBI and any secondary health conditions to ensure proper treatment.

Handle with LoVe® identification cards are not just for emergencies.
Brain injury symptoms such as confusion, poor coordination or slurred speech are often mistaken as the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your ID card prevents an error in judgement from causing you emotional distress or harm.

Comments received from our community:

  • "I got my Card and it helps so much. It's nice to have something on me at all times to explain for us what we are and how to treat us. I love Handle with LoVe. I feel so much more safer having on me. Thank you Greg Costa and Handle with LoVe!"

  • "Thank you so much Greg Costa, I got my ID card today I really appreciate it so much! Handle with Love is a perfect name. It is a great thing you're doing."

  • "My husband suffered a TBI in December of 2000. He doesn't have any scars so when he becomes overwhelmed in a store you can get the strangest looks. I am happy that you are out there making people aware."

  • "I never leave home without my card. When asked to show an ID, I show my card. Not only does it keep me safe, when I show it, it helps people to understand TBIs."

  • "Just ordered one - Thanks for the great work you are doing on our behalf!" (Brain Tumor and TBI Survivor since 1998)

  • "These cards help me feel safe. I can tell you from personal experience how many times I have been in a situation that I had no idea how to explain what I was feeling"

  • "I feel confident going out in public knowing the Handle with Love card is with me because people were harassing me or picking on me"

  • "I received my Handle with LoVe TBI Survivor Cards in today's mail. LoVe THEM!! I've put one in my wallet and the other my dog will carry for me. Thank you so much for this valuable service you're providing!!"


  • It is a traditional photographic identifier
  • Can be customized to show secondary health conditions, additional allergies, or disabilities
  • Identifies the caregiver and/or emergency contact information
  • Durable and waterproof, and fits into any standard wallet
  • Authentic Handle with LoVe® logo holocoat
  • The ONLY TBI Card that offers Chip encoding option for secure and verification purposes

Most importantly, when you purchase a card you are getting a service and a CAREFULLY selected support network of survivors. We understand how crucial support is to our recovery. And that there are no normal business hours when we need help. It may be a quick question while in your appointment with your doctor or not knowing what to do when something happens. 

That's why we offer 24/7 survivor-to-survivor mentoring and consulting services- for when you need it most.